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Our Company History



We believe that you should live a happy, healthy life and chemical free life. The world should also be kept free from pollution. After all, it is our planet and we have the mandate from the creator to take care of it and the people in it. 

Very often, we get mislead into believing that products are actually good for us, only to find out later that they are actually not.

There was a day that I was looking at my wife as she cleaned the floor, with our two kids playing happily around her. Later that day, I saw red marks on the toddlers’ hands. I immediately took the kids to the doctor as a horrified father and on that day, I discovered how sensitive a child's skin really is. 

This set me off on my quest – as every father likes to protect their family - to find a solution.
I quickly leant that almost all man-made products contain significant amounts of chemicals which are used in their production. After many months of research, I came to terms with the true effect that we as human beings have on fellow humans and the environment. 

On the journey I learnt about a technology that was developed by a Japanese chemist Yoshio Miyasaka in 1972. I knew that there are a lot of internet theories out there, so I decided to apply it myself to finding out more about the technology that was almost 42 years old.

This photo catalyst technology claimed to clean without the use of chemicals, which sounded too
good to be true. However, to my astonishment, I discover that this was a frequently applied technology in Asia. I contacted a man called Ben in Taiwan, who invited me to their industry. I flew there the following week.

This was really true. I was shown in details how the cleaning products were produced. They were simply making use of Titanium Dioxide, which is commonly used in Sunscreens, to disinfect and clean without the use of chemicals. It was amazing!

With my mind made up, I asked if I could become the sole distributor for this amazing technology and bring it to the world. They agreed and I set myself off back to Australia. 

The first question I had was how I could tell everyone that they have been doing it all wrong for all that time. I felt like Aristotle when he discovered that the world is round. With a growing passion inside me, I was inspired me to bring this wonderful creation to the world. Here I was, sitting on a technology that could change the world. All I had to do is tell you about it.

This product (titanium dioxide) comes from the ground and only uses sunlight and Nano technology. This amazing accidental discovery uses sunlight to clean and kill bacteria that cause odors and smells, leaving you with a sanitised surface, all that chemical free.

We aim to become the biggest brand leader in just a few years and will shortly be available in supermarkets throughout the World. We want you to have the choice of real chemical free products.

We are an Australian Company and we support the growth of jobs in Australia. We want to create jobs and we want you to help us spread the word of this gift from God, not some multinational company.