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About SolClean

SolClean are dedicated to adopt the latest technologies to develop innovative cleaning products that are chemical free, non-toxic, gentle to people and the environment, but highly effective.

Our mission is to enable people to discover, explore and embrace a chemical free lifestyle. We believe that by providing better products, we have done our bit to help people and our planet. We strongly support healthy living in a healthy environment.

In 1996 after many years of study, a team of professionals in Japan, developed an alternative cleaning method by using Titanium Dioxide, the photocatalysis which could disinfect and deodorize effectively under the visible light without using chemicals. Since then research has been carried out to further develop the technology in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning action. Japan has always been the leader in developing photocatalysis application in the world.

SolClean are based in Sydney. We have partnered with a Taiwanese manufacturer that specialises in the production of photocatalysis. We have also partnered with a research and development firm specialising in photocatalysis application from Japan. We have united together to develop a domestic cleaning product range by using the Titanium Dioxide photocatalysis technology. Australian standards are one of the highest in the world therefore we can ensure that the products have the highest standard for the Australian consumers and their environment.

Our product range includes an Air Purifier, Home Care, Baby Care, Pet Care and Auto Care series. They do not contain chlorine, bleach, irritating surfactant, sodium hydroxide, sodium lauryl sulphite, phthalates, ammonia, artificial fragrance, brightening agent, added enzyme, parabens and any other harmful chemicals. The key ingredient of our SolClean product, Titanium Dioxide, is a naturally occurring oxide of Titanium. It is chemically stable and has been approved to be environmental friendly and safe by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA).

Australia is one of the leading countries in the world in advocating for protecting the environment and using less chemicals in the home. We believe that our products are a better alternative when considering effectiveness, safety and the environment.