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A Whole New Way Of Cleaning

How it works: Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis is known to have high sterilisation and deodorising properties. When Titanium Dioxide Photo-catalyst is exposed to light in the presence of water and air, two highly reactive substances are formed: Hydroxyl Radicals and a Superoxide Anion. 

It allows the oxidation of toxic organic compounds such as VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)  and turns them into non toxic inorganic matter. These properties make the photo-catalyst an ideal environmentally friendly cleaning product.


SolClean’s main ingredient is a nano size composite TiO2
Advantages of the latest technology
Nano composite Photocatalysis is a new member of the photocatalysis family. It brings the photocatalysis applications to a high level and wider area. Comparing it to traditional products the nano composite photocatalysis has the following advantages:

Ph 7 Neutral solution not corrosive
It works under any visible light
When there is no visible light it can absorb dirt, smells, and germs effectively. When there is visible light it breaks down pollutant to  a non-toxic matter. 
In other words it  works 24 hours.


SolClean Product Test

Using nano size composite photo-catalyst (Titanium Dioxide), SolClean products are specially formulated to disinfect, deodorise and clean effectively without using harmful chemicals. SolClean products can decompose toxic VOC’s to non toxic inorganic matter.


Decomposition Chart

Absorbs and breaks down toxic methyl benzene

Decomposition Chart

Absorbs and break down formaldehyde

Bacteria decomposition test result on photo-catalyst resin plate

Tested by Food Inspection Centre of Osaka Hygienic Food Association in Japan


Using light to react with a catalyst results in oxidation. This is found to be effective in destroying mold, mildew, bacteria, other fungi, dust mites, and many odours. This technology is produced with an Ozone/ UV lamp set in a variety of combinations. When this type of photocatalysis is combined with the natural humidity in indoor air it creates hydroxyl radicals and super oxide-ions that are effective in combating bacteria, fungi and VOC’s. This method is also a pro-active approach that goes to the source for treatment .